Dear Mdm Liyana

Dear Mdm. Liyana,

We’ve  grown up together.

You’re  just one year older than me, but obviously we are totally different. While you were busy reading, colouring and drawing , I was busy playing and playing with my friends..,You were/ are a  quiet person and polite while I was/ am too talkative and stubborn, that was what most people commented.

You have a very soft heart (read: sensitive..he. actually applied to me too) and if you remember, you cried when I was too lazy when you had already prepared everything to teach me ABC.  And if you still remember, you were the one who prepared me  lunch ( a nasi ayam bungkus) and RM 1 for my pocket money when mother and father were not around.

I have to say that I was so jealous and thought that you’re ‘anak kesayangan mak ayah’..he. but the fact is, you’re still my idol.. ( plus because you were the one who bought me my first handphone with your own money..he)

I’ve sooooo many things to say when  it comes to you. But for this post I just want to drop something.

Congratulation, for your wedding, sis!! Thank you very much as I don’t need to  give something  to you  for ‘langkah bendul’…=)

Because you leave us for him, please send my warning to him:

 Abg. Yong Nadhir aka Cekgu,

Please take care of my beautiful sis.

Please be a wonderful husband to her because she might be tired to be a wonderful sis to me… 

Learn how to wipe her tears  because she love to cry…he.

Thats all..May Allah bless u with sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah in your marriage…Amin..=)



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