Oil palm tree

I’ve started my first job in MPOB  since February. It is a huge  nikmat and rahmat from Allah, that cannot be expressed in word.  While I was begging, praying  for  a job from Allah , Allah with His blessing  and love, gave me the answer..It is actually a reply for my parent, family and friends doa instead of poor mine. And definitely without doubt,  Allah never fail to fulfill His promise.

I live in oil palm surrounding, my family come from Felda community but  I never expect that I’ll be jumping  into this field too. To be honest, I know nothing about oil palm except the fact that, my parents raised me with the income from oil palm. So, working here required me to start from zero. Learn everything about oil palm from germinated seed until the end point of palm oil processing.

But sometimes, even showered with the rezeki of having a job and comfortable surrounding, I still feel jealous and impress with my friends that further  their study, doing Master or PhD. Hehe. It is not good, right?, but deep inside, it is my dream to achieve highest level in my education. Not now, next time insyaAllah, and if it is good for me.. Trust Him=)..Allah knows the best for us=)

No job is perfect. Me also, far from perfect. But, syukur to Allah, even with a 2kg of safety boot on my feet, working under sunlight and during rainy days, travelling for days, and having `explorace’ in 4 by 4 Triton / Storm, I realized that I’m now fall in love with oil palm tree, the green of it=)

May Allah bless us in whatever we do..

p/s: my first post in English with ting tong grammar..he..Happy Eid ul Fitri & Merdeka Day


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